Bob and Annalee Hockridge

Davenport, Iowa

Robert “Bob” and Annalee “Jake” Hockridge of Davenport, Iowa, have been fans of Iowa Hawkeye wrestling for a long time—since former Head Coach Dan Gable was just an assistant. Their passion for the team has stayed strong ever since, as evidenced by the Robert G. and Annalee Hockridge Wrestling Scholarship, which they endowed with a gift to The University of Iowa Foundation.

“We also follow football and basketball, but Jake and I like that wrestling is an individual sport,” Bob says.

Besides that, Bob says, Jake has a special understanding with Head Coach Tom Brands. “If he doesn’t do well, he knows she’ll come up and straighten him out.”

Fortunately—thanks in large part to loyal fans like the Hockridges who provide crucial scholarship support—Jake hasn’t had to follow through on her promise.

The Hockridges aren’t just fans of UI athletics, but of the entire University of Iowa. Bob, who retired as executive vice president of finance for Brammer Manufacturing in Davenport, graduated from Iowa with a degree in accounting in 1942, after helping teach classes while still a student. Jake earned a B.A. degree from what is now the University of Northern Iowa in 1947, and taught kindergarten before raising and teaching her own children. Bob and Jake have made contributions to support various areas of the UI for more than 45 consecutive years.

“I think it’s important to help out the University,” Bob says, noting that many in his family are members of The University of Iowa Presidents Club, which recognizes the UI’s most generous contributors.

In particular, Bob and Jake believe it’s important to support the Hawkeyes, and encourage others to do so as well.

“It helps the program and it gives somebody an opportunity to get through school,” Jake points out. “We want to help keep Iowa Wrestling at the top.”

Thanks to Bob and Jake’s equal passion and generosity, there will be many future Hawkeye wrestlers not just getting through school, but doing so as champions.

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