Dr. Judith Davidson

Roseville, CA

When Dr. Judith A. Davidson was first recruited to Iowa City in 1978 to become head coach of the University of Iowa field hockey team, she had to look on a map to learn where her new home would be.

She didn’t know much about Iowa, but she knew plenty about the discipline and commitment it takes to guide a team to its potential—and by 1986 the Iowa Hawkeye field hockey team had won the NCAA championship.

“It was the right place and the right time for success,” Davidson says. “During my time at Iowa, the women’s athletics program grew by leaps and bounds under Dr. Christine Grant. We had terrific student-athletes every year. I had such a marvelous experience at Iowa.”

By the time Davidson moved on in 1988, she had become more convinced than ever of the power of education and of her Hawkeye loyalty. She recently brought those two passions together to endow the Judith Davidson Field Hockey Goalkeeper’s Scholarship.

 “There are three things a person needs to be to become a great student-athlete, in this order: First, a great human being; second, a good, well-rounded student; and third, a talented and dedicated athlete,” Davidson, who lives in El Dorado Hills, California, says. “It makes me very happy to be able to help the UI provide those opportunities.”

After a long career in collegiate athletics, Davidson is now a financial advisor in Roseville, California—she notes that she’s now helping people achieve “fiscal fitness” in addition to physical fitness—so she understands the advantages of using charitable giving as part of her estate planning.

The bequest she’s established with The University of Iowa Foundation to establish the Davidson Scholarship not only provides her with estate and income tax benefits, but it also provides the peace of mind of knowing that she’ll be helping young people find success for generations to come.

“My experience at Iowa helped me achieve more than I ever thought possible,” Davidson says. “So when I no longer need my money, I can help others. That is tremendously satisfying to me.”

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