Frequently Asked Questions

What is the I-Club?

The I-Club is the University of Iowa's annual fundraising program for intercollegiate athletics. Gifts of $50 or more to the Hawkeye Fund (for general support of UI athletics) or the Iowa Scholarship Fund (for funding UI athletic scholarships, specifically) qualify contributors for I-Club membership. You may also qualify for membership via a gift to a sport specific development fund.  Read more about the I-Club.

What do gifts to the I-Club support?

Gifts to the Hawkeye Fund are used to cover general athletic department expenses including scholarships, team travel, equipment, athletic facilities operations, medical services, etc. for all 24 of our Hawkeye teams. Gifts to the Iowa Scholarship Fund are used specifically for scholarship support. Read more about the I-Club.

What tangible benefits are associated with giving to the I-Club?

I-Club gifts are calculated into our Priority Points System.  Ticket priority is determined by priority points. Along with ticket priority, I-Club members also receive special event invitations, parking privileges, and more. Read more about I-Club benefits

When should I make or renew my annual contribution?

I-Club contributions are accepted any time during the athletic giving year, which runs from July 1 through June 30 (for football season ticket and parking consideration, contributions should be received by the UI Foundation before June 30). Please note: football and men’s basketball per-seat contributions count toward annual I-Club recognition levels. You can make your gift online!  

How do I make a gift to the I-Club?

Gifts can be made online through our Give Now button at, by calling the National I-Club Office, or by mailing your gift to the UI Foundation (UI Foundation, Athletics, P.O. Box 4550, One West Park Road, Iowa City, IA  52244)

What is the official website of Hawkeye Athletics? and ( is the official National I-Club website.)

What are Priority Points and how are they used?

Our priority points system is a fair and consistent method of assigning seat locations for football and men's basketball season tickets, allowing for football away game ticket purchase, bowl ticket purchase and other related opportunities.  Read more about Iowa's Priority Points System.

How does the Priority Points System Work?

The Priority Points System quantifies every I-Club member's and season ticket holder's relationship with UI Athletics by considering a number of different criteria, including giving to athletics, years of season ticket purchase, and alumni/letterwinner status. Read more about Iowa's Priority Points System.

Is my I-Club gift tax deductible?

80% of your I-Club gift is tax deductible because you are receiving a benefit (valued at 20%) from this gift. For more information seek the advice of your accountant or tax advisor, or view IRS section 170(1).

Can I use a company match for my athletic gift?

Often times - yes.  Please check with your company's human resources department for more information and to review any specific restrictions within your company's matching gift program. Matching gift forms are available through the company providing the matching gift. Please contact the National I-Club office with additional questions regarding matching gifts.

How much do I have to give to ensure that I am able to purchase season football tickets?

There is not a specific amount that you can give to guarantee that you will be given the opportunity to purchase season tickets. Tickets are assigned based on the Priority Points System through the UI Athletics Ticket Office. Read more about the Priority Points System.

What are the football gameday parking benefits associated with an I-Club gift?

Contributors at the Silver Hawks level and above ($1,200+ annually beginning July 1, 2013) have the opportunity to purchase a football parking pass for parking near Kinnick Stadium. Read more about gameday parking

Can I receive I-Club 'credit' for a gift I made to other areas of the University?

No, only gifts made to the Hawkeye Fund or Iowa Scholarship Fund (or sport specific development funds) are eligible for I-Club giving credit. However, gifts made to athletic campaigns count toward priority.

Where can I park my RV on a football game day?

For single game RV Parking there are three lots (Lot 71, Lot 85, Lot 55) that offer free parking and shuttle service. For General Public Season RV Parking, season ticketholders can order season general parking RV passes through the athletic ticket office. For more information on General Parking options visit the football parking website.

Our I-Club contributors at the Silver Hawks level ($1,200 annual gift) and above who are season ticketholders can order season RV parking passes via the UI Athletic Ticket Office for lots 43N, 75, and 40 (Based on priority points). Read more about gameday contributor parking.

Are there Premium Seating options at Kinnick Stadium and Carver-Hawkeye Arena?

Historic Kinnick Stadium offers three different Premium Seating opportunities and the newly renovated Carver-Hawkeye Arena has several different options as well. Read more about Premium Seating Opportunities.

If I already make a per-seat donation for season football tickets, do I need to make an additional gift for men's basketball season tickets?

Individuals who have season tickets in Kinnick Stadium and Carver-Hawkeye Arena seating zones that require per-seat contributions will be required to pay whichever is greater of the two.

Example A: If you have 4 seats in Zone I ($600/seat required) for football and 2 seats in Zone I ($600/seat required) for men's basketball, a total minimum annual gift of $2,400 is required. (The $1,200 owed for the men's basketball season tickets has been satisfied with the gift made in association with the football season tickets.)

Example B: If you have 4 seats in Zone III ($200/seat required) for football and 2 seats in Zone I ($600/seat required) for men's basketball, a total minimum annual gift of $1,200 is required. ($1,200 total, not $800 for football PLUS $1,200 for men's basketball)

Whom do I contact regarding tickets to athletic events and/or parking?

The UI Athletics Ticket Office handles all requests for tickets to Iowa athletic events. Individuals may contact the Athletics Ticket Office by phone at (800) IA HAWKS (800-424-2957) or order online at Football season ticket renewal forms are mailed in mid February for the 2015-16 football season.  Individuals who did not order season tickets for 2014-15 but are interested in purchasing season tickets for the 2015-16 season should contact the Iowa Athletics Ticket Office.  Priority parking at athletic events is a benefit for I-Club members at certain giving levels; passes are purchased from and mailed through the Athletics Ticket Office. 

How do I find an I-Club Spring Banquet in my area?

We have 25 local I-Club Spring Banquets each year throughout Iowa, hosted from mid-April to mid-June. See a complete list of local I-Clubs across Iowa.

Are there any I-Clubs out of state?

We do not have any official I-Clubs located outside the state of Iowa. IOWA Clubs, sponsored by the University of Iowa Alumni Association, which have several chapters throughout the United States, host various alumni events and athletic game watches throughout the year. IOWA Clubs located in Milwaukee, the Twin Cities, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Phoenix, which have larger Iowa alumni bases, will host numerous joint I-Club/IOWA Club events throughout the year. See a complete list of IOWA Clubs.

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